Your Epitaph: When Words Don't Come Easily
As much as someone is loved, remembering and summarizing feelings about them for a bronze marker or plaque after their death is sometimes challenging.

In truth, funeral home and memorial park and cemetery professionals know from experience that it can be difficult, and even frustrating, for surviving friends and family members to try to come up with "just the right words" at a time that's often full of emotions, and so many other decisions to be made.

The Importance Of A Thoughtful Epitaph
However, experts agree that the process of writing a loved one's epitaph can often actually be comforting and essential to a normal grieving process. And they point out that long after the casket, urn, cremated remains or vault has been buried, the importance of visiting a grave site in future years and reading a thoughtful verse on a bronze marker or plaque shouldn't be underestimated.

More than simply stating a name, date of birth and death, and a short 25-character verse, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity now to let you or those viewing the bronze marker or plaque in future years remember, or gain a better sense of, your loved one's personality and what he or she meant to those who knew him or her best.

Gathering Reflections From Friends And Family
In addition to the following examples, also consider gathering contributions for the bronze marker or plaque from friends or family, whether by talking with them face-to-face, on the phone or by sending an e-mail asking for their reflections. It might also be helpful for them to be referred to this page to inspire their thoughts and suggestions for the epitaph.

Their collective memories are certain to make it easier to create an epitaph that portrays the essence of the person whose life has completed.


Need Inspiration For Writing An Epitaph? Print The Questionnaire Below...

Click here to download a printable PDF page of questions designed to help inspire thoughts for writing an epitaph that most closely captures the essence of your loved one's personality and life. (For more details about PDFs, or to obtain the free software to open them, click here).

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